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Restoration, Preservation & Correction Samples




All restoration, preservation and correctional artist services are provided on an hourly basis at the rate of $25 per hour.  In the case of multiple photographs submitted for work, a minimum of one hour per photograph will be charged.  A 4”x6” proof will be presented upon completion of work for each photo being worked at no additional charge.  Enlargements or digital graphic files of the finished products will be at an additional cost.






Fly-away Hair and Jacket Shadow

Corrected, Added Sharpness, Contrast and Warming








Torn, Ripped and Missing Edges

After Restoration









Vietnam Era Photograph but no negative to reprint

After Scanning and Re-coloring









Faded by decades of hanging on the wall

After Re-coloring









Charcoal Rendition of original “Mooga Goes Shoping”

(cropped photo from Image Gallery)

Photo Aging Treatment of original “Mooga Goes Shopping”

(original color photo taken in 2009)









Uninvited “photo bomber”

“Photo bomber” removed





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